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Think Inside Your Office

Create Lab Quality Night Guards and More
In-Office Appliance Fabrication is the easy and affordable way to expand your services. Enhance practice profitability and turn-around time by creating quality, removable appliances using the German-engineered Drufomat Scan pressure machine.

Do More. Save More.
Fabricate an Array of Appliances In-Office with the Drufomat Scan
• Clear Retainers
• Sports Mouthguards
• TMJ Splints
• Temporaries for Crown and Bridge
• Make Denture Repairs
• and More Continue reading Think Inside Your Office

Thumbs Up Orthodontist’s Role in Curing the First Addiction

Most practices don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the role addiction can play in shaping their daily activities. After all, orthodontics is about correcting small physiological imperfections preprogrammed by the body’s genetic code. But orthodontists are on the frontline of one of the most common human addictions. What’s more, it’s a good bet that you too were afflicted by this addiction. Non-nutritive sucking, better known as thumb sucking, isn’t just a habit. It’s considered by many psychologists to be human’s first true addiction. Continue reading Thumbs Up Orthodontist’s Role in Curing the First Addiction