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MTM® Clear•Aligner: Taking Quality Monophase PVS Impressions

Why the Need for a Good PVS Impression?

The key to case acceptance and proper fitting aligners begins with the impression. There are many techniques that can be used to obtain a PVS impression that will be accepted by the lab. This step by step, Monophase PVS Impression  Guide, details one technique and will help you and yours staff take this type of impression. Continue reading MTM® Clear•Aligner: Taking Quality Monophase PVS Impressions

Social Media Marketing in the Orthodontic Space

Social Matters
At a time when competition is coming from all sides, orthodontic and dental practices need to take advantage of every marketing tool at their disposal. Skewing heavily towards the younger crowd, social media is a perfect vehicle for practices to use in order to reach the younger demographic group. Social Matters is a series of posts offering advice to the overall dental community about marketing with social media. Continue reading Social Media Marketing in the Orthodontic Space

Social Matters—Tweet Cred

Twitter’s 140 character limit presents some unique communication challenges. While brevity is the rule of thumb for Twitter, it’s not an excuse to abandon or ignore basic rules of communication or branding. But we can treat the rules of grammar like an archwire and bend them as needed to reach our goals. Continue reading Social Matters—Tweet Cred

Social Matters—Image Abounds

While Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla in the social space, it’s lost some of its luster as millennials have moved on looking for the next big thing. Fear not intrepid reader as much of that lost luster can be found in two places: Instagram and Pinterest. In fact because these two platforms are so visually oriented, in many ways they are the ideal platforms for orthodontic and dental practices. Let’s take a look at Instagram this week. Continue reading Social Matters—Image Abounds

Social Matters— Interest in Pinterest

In many ways, Pinterest is the yin to Instagram’s yang. Instagram is where users get to post and share their images, Pinterest is where they go to share in what others have posted. It’s a virtual pin-up board, where users “pin” and post ideas, images and anything else that strikes their fancy. While your Instagram feed lets the world look inward at your practice, your Pinterest feed is all about your practice looking outward. You’re crafting an aspirational brand by what you pin. Continue reading Social Matters— Interest in Pinterest

Think Inside Your Office

Create Lab Quality Night Guards and More
In-Office Appliance Fabrication is the easy and affordable way to expand your services. Enhance practice profitability and turn-around time by creating quality, removable appliances using the German-engineered Drufomat Scan pressure machine.

Do More. Save More.
Fabricate an Array of Appliances In-Office with the Drufomat Scan
• Clear Retainers
• Sports Mouthguards
• TMJ Splints
• Temporaries for Crown and Bridge
• Make Denture Repairs
• and More Continue reading Think Inside Your Office