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Do You Have a Laser Yet? It’s Time to Get One!

Do you Have a Laser Yet_ Title

Author: Dr. Jerry Clark

Have you ever completed treatment and ended up with a “gummy” smile? Have you ever waited and waited and waited for a canine to erupt so you can bracket the tooth and move forward with treatment? Have you ever completed treatment, had the teeth aligned perfectly, only to find that the gingival heights of some of the maxillary anterior teeth are at levels thus adversely affecting the esthetics of your patient’s smile? Have you ever tried to band a second molar and had an operculum obstructing your ability to band the tooth? Have you ever had a patient with poor oral hygiene that presents with inflamed hypertrophic gingival tissues that are growing over the patient’s brackets? These are just a few of the problems that can be easily and painlessly eliminated by using a soft tissue diode laser. Today, for the orthodontist who desires to provide the finest treatment for their patients, a soft tissue laser is an affordable must for your practice. They are easy to use and the positive effect you can have on your patient’s orthodontic treatment results are too significant to ignore. Continue reading Do You Have a Laser Yet? It’s Time to Get One!

Three Reasons We Struggle to Influence and Inspire Team Member Performance

Author: Ross Vera


As challenging as ever, leading and training an orthodontic team requires focus, sensitivity to individual differences and structure. The good news is that the survey responses gathered from the Pride Institute’s Practice Opportunity assessment illustrate that orthodontists are eager to become better leaders and provide more effective team training. Continue reading Three Reasons We Struggle to Influence and Inspire Team Member Performance


Drs. Gary & Perry Opin with Cooper the Compassionate Canine

image13Orthodontists are by nature compassionate, caring people and enjoy recognizing the contributions made by many of our valued customers. Opin Orthodontics is not your typical ortho practice. The father and son team of Drs. Perry and Gary Opin has been a part of the GAC family for decades and they set high clinical standards for themselves and their practice.They’re also shining examples of good people doing good things for others. The genuine admiration and respect the doctors have for one another is evident in their day-to-day interactions and the collaborative way they care for their patients. Continue reading OPIN MINDS, OPIN HEARTS

Are You Making The Same Mistake That Got These Practices Sued?

15-SPEC-001-09, HR for health - Practices Sued-01Ask most practice owners what they think the biggest legal threat facing their practice is, and they’ll probably site the massive changes associated with the Affordable Care Act or aggressive malpractice litigation. Most practice owners would be wrong.

While the Affordable Care Act is having a considerable impact on practices, and malpractice cases are always on the radar, the most significant legal challenge facing practices is one that’s been with them the whole time—their own employees. Continue reading Are You Making The Same Mistake That Got These Practices Sued?

Let Custom Mouthguard Fabrication Take Your Practice to the Next Level


GITG-Image1In this time of travel teams, swing instructors and sports psychologists, few parents think twice about dropping a couple hundred dollars to keep their kid suited up in the latest cleats, skates and gear. A recent study by TurboTax estimated that the average parent spends $671 per year to cover the costs of organized sports. Yet for all of the money invested in gear, far too many young athletes are using mouthguards that provide little or no protection. The best—and some would say only—option is a custom fitted sports mouthguard. The key to getting everyone onboard, from proud parents to weekend warriors, is to frame the appliance as an essential piece of equipment. Because it is. Continue reading Let Custom Mouthguard Fabrication Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

SS-Image1The digital age is changing the way dental practices and patients interact. From a patient’s perspective the need for personal contact has been rendered far less important. Patients increasingly state they prefer the convenience of online, on-demand information over the human touch. Interestingly, 93% of patients find it more convenient to get answers online as opposed to calling the office and speaking with a person. Because of this shift, practices must adjust to their preferences and be where their patients are — online. A digital strategy focused directly on patient engagement is now imperative to be able to grow and maintain a sustainable practice over the long-haul. Continue reading Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

The Real (Orthodontic) World

ROW-Image1In 1992, MTV ushered in a new era of voyeuristic indulgence when they aired what at the time, was a truly bizarre program called “The Real World”. Absent any script or actors, the opening sequence of the show promised to reveal “what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real.” Using concealed cameras, unscripted dialogue and demographically representative participants, the show absolutely captivated the public. Almost overnight, “The Real World” shattered the rules of television and ushered in a new era of entertainment. Continue reading The Real (Orthodontic) World

Treating Class II Cases with the BioBite Corrector

Dr. Enrico Pasin, Orthodontist in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

The Herbst is the most frequently used functional orthodontic appliance in the United States. Developed at the turn of the twentieth century, it revolutionized the treatment of Class II malocclusions. The new BioBite Corrector (figures 1a – 1b) is a functional orthodontic appliance developed to mitigate some of the shortcomings of the Herbst appliance while still delivering predictable clinical responses.

image1 revised


Fixed, functional orthodontic appliances, also called intermaxillary, non-compliant Class II appliances, are attached to a multi-bracket system in order to correct Class II malocclusions. They can be distinguished into three groups:

Continue reading Treating Class II Cases with the BioBite Corrector

It’s Catching On

OWC Headline ArtworkThe Orthodontic World Congress Gets Contagious in San Diego 

The DENTSPLY GAC 2015 Orthodontic World Congress
took place this past February 18 – 21 at the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. The seaside gathering was held at a time when much of North America was getting pounded by a historic cold front that stretched from Chicago to Texas and Florida. The event was about challenging conventional thinking, exploring new ways to look at running the practice/ business, and then providing the tools from which attendees could translate both the clinical and business ideas into practical application. Continue reading It’s Catching On