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Orthodontics and Esthetics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Authors:  Julia Garcia Baeza, DMD, and David Garcia Baeza, DMD

These days, we are seeing a growing number of adult orthodontic patients. However, adult cases present unique challenges to the orthodontist. Missing teeth, root canals and periodontal problems are all common situations when dealing with adult patients. Continue reading Orthodontics and Esthetics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treating a Chronic Sleep Condition Author- Jim Duffy

Interdisciplinary treatment planning is a concept that’s gaining relevance among oral health professionals. It’s one of the chief tenets of the popular Seattle Study Club, and many finding it extremely rewarding to work with a group of like-minded professionals when treating their patients. This evolving holistic approach to oral health is exemplified in the evolving role that the orthodontist can play in addressing sleep apnea. Continue reading Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics

Increasing Practice Efficiency and Profitability Using In-Ovation “R” Self-Ligating Brackets

A White Paper Report

By: Jerry R. Clark, DDS, MS and Jack Gebbie, BS

Many unsubstantiated claims have been made concerning self-ligating bracket systems as to their efficiency in moving teeth, the time savings that can be realized by using these appliances, and the “magic” that is somehow stored up in these brackets to more effectively align teeth.  This study was done in an effort to draw some scientifically based conclusions to more accurately differentiate between what is “hype” and what is actually true regarding the purported increased efficiency and time savings of one such self-ligating bracket system – In-Ovation “R”® – manufactured by GAC International.  The study was performed to determine if cases treated with In-Ovation “R”brackets were actually treated faster, with fewer and shorter appointments with less clinical chair time needed to complete treatment, and if they truly increase practice efficiency and profitability compared to similar cases treated with traditional edgewise brackets.

Continue reading Increasing Practice Efficiency and Profitability Using In-Ovation “R” Self-Ligating Brackets