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Drs. Gary & Perry Opin with Cooper the Compassionate Canine

image13Orthodontists are by nature compassionate, caring people and enjoy recognizing the contributions made by many of our valued customers. Opin Orthodontics is not your typical ortho practice. The father and son team of Drs. Perry and Gary Opin has been a part of the GAC family for decades and they set high clinical standards for themselves and their practice.They’re also shining examples of good people doing good things for others. The genuine admiration and respect the doctors have for one another is evident in their day-to-day interactions and the collaborative way they care for their patients. Continue reading OPIN MINDS, OPIN HEARTS

Engineered for Success

Finding what works with Dr. David Scaffidi

15-SPEC-001-DD, Engineered for Success AMS-1David Scaffidi walked briskly across the deck of the offshore oil platform to assess the situation. He was the team leader of the engineering crew that designed and assembled the platform, and he had just gotten word that one of his crew had suffered a minor accident. Suddenly, the floor disappeared beneath his feet and he started freefalling. In that split second, he realized that he needed to catch on to something (anything!) to prevent himself from plunging down to the water below. It was a sure death fall. Continue reading Engineered for Success


resident spotlight

Speaking the Universal Language with Dr. Robert Geiman

Orthodontics is a unique occupation, requiring both the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain to work in harmony in achieving a solution. While it’s impossible to calculate which side does more, it’s hard to deny the creative side of the equation gets far more attention. Orthodontists are frequently called ‘a genuine artist’ or ‘a creative genius’. But when was the last time anyone heard an orthodontist referred to as ‘a true logician’? But that might be changing. When Dr. Robert Geiman enters the profession, the logical side of the equation may have finally found a champion. Continue reading RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – Dr. Robert Geiman

From Canine to K9

Canine 2

It’s not often that a news crew shows up to cover a simple Class I correction. But then Dr. Don Beebe is used to receiving animated responses when he tells people he does orthodontics on dogs.

In the 2011 case, a local Colorado news crew was doing a “human interest” story on the orthodontic treatment that he was performing on a seven month old Sheltie. It wasn’t a particularly challenging case, the patient had a deciduous tooth that failed to fully erupt, causing a mesioversion of one of the lower canines. But it did give Dr. Beebe the opportunity to educate the general public about the evolving field of animal orthodontics while dispelling one of its most persistent myths. Continue reading From Canine to K9

The Imperfect Path to Perfection

The Imperfect Path to PerfectionIntroduction—Brazil, 1995

Ten years before founding his own orthodontic practice, Tim Lyons found himself standing face-to-face with a naked woman.

Her name was Poohan and she was a member of a recently discovered Indian Tribe in the Amazon Rain Forest. Tim was part of a group that was filming a documentary about the tribe. It should have been a pure moment of scientific awe. Unfortunately, not all was well with the woman.
Continue reading The Imperfect Path to Perfection