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Six Top Tips for Teens, Teeth and Oral Health

The teenage years are a time of great transition and change within the parent-teen relationship. Teens’ good habits today become tomorrow’s healthy adults. We are among industry leaders featured in MediaPlanet’s recent “Modern Wellness Guide” providing teens with insightful and educational information about mental and oral health. Continue reading Six Top Tips for Teens, Teeth and Oral Health

Are You Making The Same Mistake That Got These Practices Sued?

15-SPEC-001-09, HR for health - Practices Sued-01Ask most practice owners what they think the biggest legal threat facing their practice is, and they’ll probably site the massive changes associated with the Affordable Care Act or aggressive malpractice litigation. Most practice owners would be wrong.

While the Affordable Care Act is having a considerable impact on practices, and malpractice cases are always on the radar, the most significant legal challenge facing practices is one that’s been with them the whole time—their own employees. Continue reading Are You Making The Same Mistake That Got These Practices Sued?

Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

SS-Image1The digital age is changing the way dental practices and patients interact. From a patient’s perspective the need for personal contact has been rendered far less important. Patients increasingly state they prefer the convenience of online, on-demand information over the human touch. Interestingly, 93% of patients find it more convenient to get answers online as opposed to calling the office and speaking with a person. Because of this shift, practices must adjust to their preferences and be where their patients are — online. A digital strategy focused directly on patient engagement is now imperative to be able to grow and maintain a sustainable practice over the long-haul. Continue reading Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

Gaming The System

GTS-Image1What’s the Best Way to Support the Future of Orthodontics?

[   ] Make Learning Fun

[   ] Give Professors Advanced Teaching Tools

[   ] Game the System

[X] All of the Above

If you’ve spent any time around the millennials—something everyone in orthodontics has done—there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the unique way these  newly-minted adults connect with the world. The less effort it takes them to communicate a thought, the better it is. This communicational Darwinism penalizes the loquacious while rewarding those who get  STR8-2-IT. But it’s not just their wording that’s evolving. Clinical studies now confirm the attention span of millennials has also decreased. Whether this is a profound societal trend, or you know, whatever, isn’t particularly relevant, orthodontically speaking. What is relevant is whether the current orthodontic educational model can keep this next generation engaged. With the release of “InQuizIt” and “Bracketology”, the Clinical Alliance for Research and Education (GCARE) is attempting to teach them the same way you reach them – via interactive media. Continue reading Gaming The System