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No Label Required

Orthodontics is a notoriously slow moving profession. Distances less than a single millimeter can take months to cover. It’s the ultimate in controlled, methodical movements.

The man behind the wheel depresses the clutch and plunges the gas pedal to the floor. The engine emits a throaty growl as the tachometer winds out a split second before his foot comes off the clutch, engaging the 800 horsepower engine. There’s so much torque unleashed, the inner portion of the tire has rotated 90 degrees before the outside of the tire even moves. In about ten seconds, the man and the car have moved a quarter mile away from where they started.

Orthodontics is a notoriously cerebral profession. It’s not enough that most doctors need to achieve a doctorate in dentistry, but they must also do so finishing near or at the top of their class. All of which earns them nothing more than the right to plunge head first into three more years of education. Continue reading No Label Required