The Smile Project – Melissa’s Journey with SureSmile® Aligner

We’d like to introduce you to Melissa. Melissa runs, a blog that covers fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle topics. She started her SureSmile® Aligner treatment with Dr. Joseph Gray of Gray & Ehrler Orthodontic Specialists and is excited to share her journey with you and her followers!

Missy and Dr. Joseph Gray

We will be sharing updates from Melissa as well as clinical updates from Dr. Joseph Gray on her SureSmile Aligner treatment plan and progress here on our blog and our social networks.

Today, Dr. Joseph Gray shares his initial consultation notes from Melissa’s initial exam. Happy reading and thank you for joining us as we follow The Smile Project – Melissa’s Journey with SureSmile® Aligner!

Melissa came to my office for an orthodontic evaluation. Her concerns were her dental crowding and anterior cross bite. I performed a thorough evaluation and reviewed her photos and CBCT scan/x-rays. Here are her clinical findings and treatment plan for orthodontics:

Melissa presented with:

  • Class II malocclusion
  • Adult stage dentition
  • Impacted or Ectopic tooth #6 Palatal
  • Overjet is moderately excessive: 2.0 to 5.0mm
  • Moderate anterior overbite: 20-50%
  • Curve of Spee is moderate
  • Maxillary dental midline is right of facial midline
  • Mandibular dental midline is right of midsagittal in centric occlusion
  • Maxillary arch is constricted
  • Mandibular arch is constricted
  • Maxillary and mandibular dental arches are asymmetric
  • Moderate maxillary arch length deficiency
  • Moderate mandibular arch length deficiency
  • Gingival condition is healthy
  • Labial cortical bone appears normal
  • The zone of attached gingiva appears adequate
  • Recession of supporting gingiva appears adequate
  • Initial oral hygiene appears to be good
  • Concave soft tissue facial profile
  • Midface hypoplasia with asymmetry
  • The mandibular profile is normal
  • Facial type is normocephalic
  • Lip relationship referenced to nose and chin is normal
  • Lips are competent and have normal tones
  • Maxillary incisor length seen on repose is insufficient
  • Gingival margins not visible upon smiling
  • Mandibular range of motion is within normal limits
  • No signs or symptoms of TMD

Treatment Recommended:

  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment utilizing SureSmile aligners
  • Treatment time estimated to be 14 months


11/05/2018 – Initial Exam
11/05/2018 – Initial Exam – Pan

Stay tuned for more updates on Melissa’s journey here on the blog or on our social networks!

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