SureSmile® Aligner

Clinically Powered. Clinician Controlled.

The SureSmile® aligner system is powered by a robust, clinically driven digital treatment planning platform. It ensures the clinician is in control of treatment, and is designed to enable optimal patient customization. Using the advanced capabilities of the software and clinical expertise of the SureSmile Techno Center™, each aligner is custom designed to the clinician’s treatment plan, and anatomically designed to the patient’s facial photo for ideal smile design. Choose either our complete or select system for aligners your way.

7 Reasons SureSmile will become your go-to clear aligner system:

Figure A: Pano analysis to ensure optimal root axis for final digital set-up
Figure B: Facial registration of digital treatment plan data to ensure ideal smile design

1. Clinically Powered
Clinically proven for over 15 years, the SureSmile software is able to link CBCT/Pano/Ceph/Facial photos with a 3D model to ensure predictable and biologically achievable results. Treatment plans are digitally designed with ABO® graded finish.

2. Clinician Controlled
Robust treatment planning tools enable doctor controlled tooth movements, simulations, and alternative treatment scenarios in real-time. The clinician can use 3D models integrated with anatomical facial registration to make digital adjustments for optimal smile design. The open system maximizes clinician control.

3. Versatile
Not all patients are alike. The SureSmile software platform gives doctors the flexibility to treat with single or multiple modalities (hybrid treatment) to meet both patient and practice needs.

4. Convenient
Cloud-based software for easy access to patient case data. Interactive video simulations make clinical case tracking and progress reports quick and easy.

5. Customized
Doctor preferences can be saved for future case planning. Labial and lingual attachments are fully adjustable on the tooth and can be added or removed at any time during treatment.

6. Virtually Invisible
Superior esthetics using the latest materials from industry leading Essix® plastics.

7. Cost-effective
Whether standalone aligner or “hybrid” treatment (using sequential bracket and aligners), the SureSmile platform provides flexible pricing designed to meet practice and patient needs.

State-of-the-art software for aligners your way.

We put the power of control in your hands for optimal results with two simple options:

SureSmile Complete
Experienced staff clinicians and digital technicians will stage the initial treatment plan design, including attachment selection and positioning to an ABO targeted set-up. The rest is up to you!

Choose Complete for greater flexibility in full arch treatment:

  • Full clinician control of digital adjustments to all tooth movements, attachment design/placement, and staging using our advanced 3D modeling, and simulation tools
  • Flat rate pricing includes unlimited aligners and free refinements throughout treatment*
  • Export staged models for fast 3D printing of replacement aligners or retainers

SureSmile Select
A flexible alternative for full customization of aligners throughout treatment to fit your treatment plan— only when you need it. Powered by the proven SureSmile software platform, you choose the level of treatment planning control from the start.

Choose Select for a flexible platform for aligners or hybrid treatment plans:

  • Clinician preferred control of initial treatment plan (in-office or SureSmile Techno Center™)
  • Same clinician control of digital adjustments as in Complete
  • Pay only for the aligners you need
  • Export staged models for fast 3D printing of replacement aligners or retainers

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*Treatment time up to 3 years from aligner production.

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