Sculpt I.Q.

The intelligent way to sculpt ideal smiles

Sculpting ideal smiles in the best possible way

The new Sculpt I.Q. soft-tissue diode laser by Dentsply Sirona enhances your practice and is designed for experts and less experienced users alike. Sculpt I.Q. offers intuitive handling, immediate treatment, individual customization and versatile operation. Plus, two wavelengths allow for a broad spectrum of applications while only needing one device.

Sculpt I.Q. In-practice

Each patient is a unique case. Creating their ideal smile means balancing many variables, including treatment effectiveness, visibility, and time. For patients, the use of lasers means less post-operative pain and therefore, may need less medication. Satisfied patients are the best way to ensure success. The Sclupt I.Q. Laser lets you reduce the number of procedures that you currently refer out, generating immediate practice growth and leading to a quick return on your investment.

Minimal invasive soft tissue management such as frenectomies (Fig 1) and exposures of unerupted teeth (Fig 2) performed with Sculpt I.Q. means:

  • Immediate hemostasis for interventions involving low levels of pain and bleeding
  • No sutures and less scarring with accelerated wound healing
  • Less post-operative pain and therefore, may need less medication

Laser Procedures
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Two wavelengths, one device
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