Top 5 Articles of 2017

Find out what your peers were most interested in reading this year as we countdown our Top 5 Most Read Articles of 2017!

#5 – Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) Case File: Thumb and Lower Lip Sucker by Dr. Raffaele Spena
Follow Dr. Spena’s case of a 12 year old thumb and lower lip sucker from the initial analysis to the end results after a 19 month treatment plan.

#4  – In-Ovation® X: A Story of Design, Development and Ingenuity
A white paper by Dr. Jerry Clark, DDS, MS, of Greensboro, NC. Read along as Dr. Clark explains the collaborative effort in designing the next generation of orthodontic brackets: In-Ovation® X by GAC.

#3 – In-Ovation® X by GAC – Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities
“We spoke to orthodontic professionals across eight countries in three continents. It was a thought-provoking process that revealed more than 100 individual items that were important to the clinicians we spoke with. After the information was collected and collated, we analyzed our findings point by point. This enabled us to hone in on the design elements that the orthodontic community thought were most important. Ultimately, 3 key ideas were identified…”

#2 – In-Ovation® X Self-Ligating Metal Bracket Design Features and Advantages
An informative white paper by the Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics Research & Development Team on In-Ovation® X by GAC.

#1 – Pseudo Class III Malocclusion by Dr. Antonino Secchi  
“13:6 yo Female with a Pseudo Class III malocclusion. Her vertical as well as her transverse dimension were normal. It is important to notice the distal tip of her upper canines, the uneven maxillary occlusal plane and the spaces behind the canines in the lower arch…”

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