MicroArch® PLUS: Addition Through Innovation

Insight PLUS Innovation

When we envisioned the new MicroArch® PLUS line, we realized we were seeking a level of manufacturing precision that simply wasn’t available. Rather than compromise our creative vision, we decided to invest in our own facility. Five years and seventy million dollars later, we can say with confidence that this was the right decision. Not only can we make the bracket we’ve always wanted to make, but we can also manufacture it at a level that no other mini-twin can match. MicroArch PLUS gives you the workability you want, the control you need and the esthetics your patients demand.

Reimagined and Reengineered

It might not seem possible, incrementally enhancing a bracket the size of MicroArch, but that’s what MicroArch PLUS is all about. Moving the best parts forward while leaving the rest behind. After all, that’s what leadership is all about. MicroArch PLUS takes everything you love about the trusted but dated platform and takes it to the next level. Upgrade your bracket without upending your practice with the new MicroArch PLUS.

MicroArch® PLUS Advantage

It All Adds Up

We weren’t looking to make all the other brackets obsolete or impractical. We simply set out to build a better bracket. The PLUS line of products utilize a number of proprietary manufacturing processes that have the ability to deliver increases in torque, angulation and other critical dimensions. When you compare all the advantages we start out with, you can understand why your cases will finish out so well.

Every orthodontic bracket prescription is the sum of its parts. Only PLUS gives you the confidence that comes from an unmatched combination of tangible and intangible benefits. How does your bracket measure up to PLUS?

Dedicated Manufacturing Facility: Yes
Integrated Design Philosophy: Yes
Total Patents Owned: 2,500
Annual Clinical Programs: 9,572
R&D Team Members: 70
Annual New Product Launches: 30
Ongoing Clinical Studies: 50
Countries Containing Infrastructure: 40

(Available in Base Rx*, Euro (*MBT) Rx and Vertical Slot Rx.)

*Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics Base Rx has prescription values that are equivalent to the Roth prescription. ROTH is a registered trademark of Roth Licensing, LLC. All rights reserved. MBT is a registered trademark of 3M Unitek.

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