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In many ways, Pinterest is the yin to Instagram’s yang. Instagram is where users get to post and share their images, Pinterest is where they go to share in what others have posted. It’s a virtual pin-up board, where users “pin” and post ideas, images and anything else that strikes their fancy. While your Instagram feed lets the world look inward at your practice, your Pinterest feed is all about your practice looking outward. You’re crafting an aspirational brand by what you pin.


  • Like all your social accounts, Pinterest isn’t about selling. It’s about creating relationships. While it might be tempting to go select a host of materials you think would resonate with your target, you have to remember the nature of the relationship. You are still the expert. So assemble your Pinterest dental content with leadership in mind.
  • It makes sense to use geographic specific pins when possible. Pin to local events that generate buzz, local celebrities and sports team and other local users.
  • While the lens of Pinterest looks outward, you can use it to tell the story of you, your practice and your team. Where did you go to school, what are your hobbies, what are the local businesses you like to patronize? You’re looking for ways to connect with people. These are all great pin/board ideas that cast a wide net of interests.
  • Remember when we said to think of your pins from a leadership position. Then why not create a board about the orthodontic products you use and recommend? You are the trusted authority on all things related to oral health. Use this to your advantage.

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