Social Media Marketing in the Orthodontic Space

Social Matters
At a time when competition is coming from all sides, orthodontic and dental practices need to take advantage of every marketing tool at their disposal. Skewing heavily towards the younger crowd, social media is a perfect vehicle for practices to use in order to reach the younger demographic group. Social Matters is a series of posts offering advice to the overall dental community about marketing with social media.

We will get more granular in our advice as we move on, but for now, let’s lay the groundwork with a look at some of the more general tenets of social media marketing.

Social media is not a place for hard sales pitches. In fact, such pitches have a tendency to backfire. Marketing in the social space is about building up a reservoir of trust and good will. You want to focus on the strengths of your practice, establishing ongoing and new relationships and the overall patient experience.

A key decision early on is figuring out who will handle social media in your practice. Some practices work with outside consultants to help manage their social media work. However, this is a nuts-and-bolts column and we’re dedicated to the DIY approach for ortho and dental practices.

In selecting the individual who will manage your social, perhaps the most important trait they should possess is enthusiasm. You want someone in your practice who will embrace the duties and have fun with the patients. Do remember that doing social (or any task) well and doing it consistently does require energy and effort. Don’t forget to compensate your choice if this is outside their originally outlined duties.

It’s also important to set expectations and priorities. How many touches per week are you going for? Are you aiming for parents or patients? Where will you focus your efforts? The answers to these and other questions will evolve over time, of course, but it’s critically important to have a set of expectations on the table at all times.

That’s all for this entry. In our next entry, we’ll start getting specific with individual platforms, starting with Facebook.

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