BioForce® PLUS

Force When You Need It. Expression When You Want It.

Expression through Innovation

Extreme wire bends and challenging cases can put your archwire to the test. Not only must the wire be easy to bend and engage, but it must also resist deformation and fully express the desired forces while limiting excess patient discomfort. Nickel Titanium BioForce PLUS archwires by GAC are engineered with an unmatched combination of metallurgical expertise, technological resources and clinical knowledge. As a result, they deliver an ideal combination of performance, reliability and workability.

16-DGAC-074-02, BioForce Plus Images_Bioforce_Bundle_FINALBioForce PLUS Advantages

• Three force zones, delivering gradually increasing forces from the anterior to the posterior

• Ability to enter the working stage earlier, in many cases eliminating a wire from your sequence

• Near constant force designed for a comfortable treatment experience

• Superelastic to express even the most extreme bends

• Heat activated for ideal workability at room temperature

• Designed to take displacements up to 90° without permanent deformation

• Greater ability to release stored energy consistently when compared to beta-titanium or stainless steel wires

• Available with IonGuard to reduce friction

The Biologically Correct Archwire

BioForce PLUS uses only the ideal force needed to move the respective teeth, while preventing excessive or undesired force that can be experienced in single zone wires. The proprietary formulation is body-heat activated, starting with low, gentle forces for the anteriors, increasing toward the posterior and plateauing in the molar region. This provides the option of simultaneously leveling, aligning and initiating torque expression potentially reducing the number of archwire changes in your treatment plan.

As Jarabak tabulated,* it takes less force to move a small, single rooted lower anterior tooth than a large, tri-rooted molar. BioForce PLUS is engineered to Jarabak standards.*

* “Technique and treatment with the light-wire appliances.” Joseph R. Jarabak and James A. Fizzell, St. Louis, 1963, page 259.

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IonGuard® Advantage

AMS Cropped BioForce Plus Images_IonGuard Chart-01
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BioForce PLUS wires are also available with the patented IonGuard process. IonGuard isn’t a coating, but a fundamental change to the wire surface. It creates a hard, low-friction hydrophilic surface without changing any of the wire’s unique superelastic properties. BioForce Plus with IonGuard process results in a significant reduction in friction compared to untreated wires.


AMS Edited BioForce Plus Images_Bioforce_Stacked_FINAL

Wire to Wire Consistency

The material composition and manufacturing characteristics that go into an archwire plays an essential role in how the teeth move, and how well your treatment plan unfolds. Metallurgical inconsistencies can compromise the most meticulously planned case. BioForce PLUS understands the importance of innovation and consistency. Working with the latest in metallurgical technology, BioForce PLUS has refined the manufacturing process to develop an archwire that offers a excellent tactile — and clinical — experience. Our exacting production standards minimize “quality fade” or variations in the alloy, assuring that every BioForce PLUS archwire delivers a predictable clinical performance.


16-DGAC-074-02, BioForce Plus Images_Heart-Tooth_FINAL

Enhancing Performance

When it comes to optimal case progression, symbiotic relationship between your chosen archwire and the bracket of your choice is essential. BioForce PLUS delivers a complete and consistent performance across a wide variety of different bracket prescriptions across all brands including all of your favorite Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics systems.


Takes full advantage of the bracket mechanics during the interactive and passive phases of treatment.In-Ovation cropped



Delivers the same optimal forces and efficiency when paired with our new OmniArch PLUS and MicroArch PLUS twin brackets.OmniArch PLUS MicroArch PLUS


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