CCO Case File: No Results Prior to CCO System

Author: Dr. Raffaele Spena

A.F. 13 years of age
In treatment for 6 years without any result prior to CCO System.

Boy Before

Initial facial photos and x-ray
Initial facial photos and x-ray

After debonding and dental hygiene
After debonding and dental hygiene


Boy Re-evaluate Xray

Initial xrays to re-evaluate the patient
Initial x-rays to re-evaluate the patient


Tracing and cephalometric analysis
Tracing and cephalometric analysis


Boy First Upper-LowerFirst upper and lower .016” Sentalloy archwires. These will be followed by .020”x.020” Bioforce archwires.

Boy Working Stage 1Boy Working Stage 2Boy Working Stage 3Working stage with initial upper and lower .019”x.025” SS archwires and Class II elastics. Lower archwire was then changed in a .021”x.025” SS archwire.

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