Learn More about Complete Clinical Orthodontics from the Leadership Team at AAO!

15-DGAC-003-CCO-Background-Design-FASpeak with a CCO Leader while you’re at AAO!

This is your chance to meet with our Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) Leadership Team members and find out more about the philosophy behind this unique way to treat every case.

Our CCO Leadership Team will be at the DENTSPLY GAC Booth #501 throughout the American Association of Orthodontists 2016 Annual Session to meet with you one-on-one and answer any questions you have in an informal setting.

Visit DENTSPLY GAC Booth #501 at AAO to meet with one of our CCO Leadership Team members:

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Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) represents such a significant step forward in orthodontics. This is not a radical new technique or technology, but a unique way to treat each and every case to achieve the most successful clinical outcome for the individual patient.

By uniting the brightest minds and ideas in orthodontics (Angle, Tweed, Ricketts, Andrews, Roth Alexander, McLaughlin and Damon to name a few) we’ve been able to impact control, predictability and efficiency for all cases.

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment where treatment strategies can vary on a visit-by-visit basis, the objective of the CCO™ System is to emphasize goal-directed treatment that ends in a pre-visualized result. This not only instills confidence in the practitioner for the patient, but it leads to a more efficient and higher quality outcome.

Ultimately the goal of the CCO System is to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge available to us as orthodontists, and to incorporate new technology and proven concepts to achieve a higher level of efficiency. Excellent treatment mechanics should allow the orthodontist to deliver optimal treatment to the majority of his or her patients, and to do it in the most efficient and simple way that maximizes an often-overlooked commodity—TIME.

Today we have a more comprehensive understanding of biomechanics with pre-adjusted interactive self-ligating appliances, effective and efficient early treatment, adult orthodontics with periodontal challenges and esthetic considerations for each patient’s face and smile. The CCO System integrates the latest technological advancements to best facilitate an effective new overarching treatment philosophy. What’s more, it uses time-tested treatment planning strategies that stress 3D skeletal and dental diagnosis while integrating concepts from periodontics, restorative dentistry, and oral surgery to provide a comprehensive treatment planning system to propel the diagnostic scope of your entire practice to an even higher level.

This simple and efficient mechanical approach, combined with the state-of-the-art, interactive self-ligating appliance, provides the necessary elements to consistently deliver exceptional results … case after case.

Want to find out more about the CCO System? Click here!

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