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Welcome to Hollywood, Florida and the second annual Orthodontic World Congress. With much of the East Coast digging out from under a historic snowstorm, it’s not hard to appreciate everything our seaside accommodations have to offer. The sun, the sea, the sand…the lack of 29 inches of snow! And if last night’s welcome reception is any indication—and it most certainly is—we’ve got a great couple of days ahead of us. This year’s hashtag is #GAC2016OWC. In addition to offering daily updates, it’s a great way for attendees to come together and share their experiences. Please feel free to share early and share often!

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Today's HittersWe’ve got an incredible roster of speakers lined up for today. After some brief remarks from our friends at DENTSPLY GAC, author John DiJulius reveals the secrets to assembling a great team, measuring patient’s satisfaction and creating a culture that finds a way to go above and beyond. Former stockbroker turned author Mark Jeffries will share unique ways to grow your practice and sell your brand (without selling). Dr. Yan Kalika will share his insights on successfully managing multiple practices. Finally, hitting cleanup for the day, former Major League Baseball player Jim Abbott will share a life story that’s as improbable as it is inspirational.

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