At the 2016 OWC, We Speak Business

USE! 16-SPEC-001-01, OWC Busniess Speakers SocialOrthodontics and the Business of Practice

If you’re running your own practice, you’ve really got two jobs. One you spent more than 10 years training for, and one you took some classes on more than ten years ago. That’s why the Orthodontic World Congress places a premium on bringing in the very best in business oriented speakers. This year is no different! From successfully managing multiple practices to protecting your practice’s reputation online, the 2016 Orthodontic World Congress will make sure you’ve got the tools you need to master both of your jobs.

Check out this year’s topics:

  • Six Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Online Reputation
  • Managing Multiple Practices
  • Avoiding Legal Minefields in Your Practice
  • Financial Planning: How to Create a Bullet Proof Estate Plan to Protect Your Assets
  • Growth: How to Attain and Sustain It
  • The Ultimate First Call
  • Cultivating TC’s and Sales-Conducive Practices

January is just around the corner! Click to find out more about the 2016 Orthodontic World Congress or to register.

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