Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

SS-Image1The digital age is changing the way dental practices and patients interact. From a patient’s perspective the need for personal contact has been rendered far less important. Patients increasingly state they prefer the convenience of online, on-demand information over the human touch. Interestingly, 93% of patients find it more convenient to get answers online as opposed to calling the office and speaking with a person. Because of this shift, practices must adjust to their preferences and be where their patients are — online. A digital strategy focused directly on patient engagement is now imperative to be able to grow and maintain a sustainable practice over the long-haul. Continue reading Digital Marketing to Provide Practice Growth and Profitability

The Real (Orthodontic) World

ROW-Image1In 1992, MTV ushered in a new era of voyeuristic indulgence when they aired what at the time, was a truly bizarre program called “The Real World”. Absent any script or actors, the opening sequence of the show promised to reveal “what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real.” Using concealed cameras, unscripted dialogue and demographically representative participants, the show absolutely captivated the public. Almost overnight, “The Real World” shattered the rules of television and ushered in a new era of entertainment. Continue reading The Real (Orthodontic) World

Treating Class II Cases with the BioBite Corrector

Dr. Enrico Pasin, Orthodontist in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

The Herbst is the most frequently used functional orthodontic appliance in the United States. Developed at the turn of the twentieth century, it revolutionized the treatment of Class II malocclusions. The new BioBite Corrector (figures 1a – 1b) is a functional orthodontic appliance developed to mitigate some of the shortcomings of the Herbst appliance while still delivering predictable clinical responses.

image1 revised


Fixed, functional orthodontic appliances, also called intermaxillary, non-compliant Class II appliances, are attached to a multi-bracket system in order to correct Class II malocclusions. They can be distinguished into three groups:

Continue reading Treating Class II Cases with the BioBite Corrector

It’s Catching On

OWC Headline ArtworkThe Orthodontic World Congress Gets Contagious in San Diego 

The DENTSPLY GAC 2015 Orthodontic World Congress
took place this past February 18 – 21 at the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. The seaside gathering was held at a time when much of North America was getting pounded by a historic cold front that stretched from Chicago to Texas and Florida. The event was about challenging conventional thinking, exploring new ways to look at running the practice/ business, and then providing the tools from which attendees could translate both the clinical and business ideas into practical application. Continue reading It’s Catching On

Engineered for Success

Finding what works with Dr. David Scaffidi

15-SPEC-001-DD, Engineered for Success AMS-1David Scaffidi walked briskly across the deck of the offshore oil platform to assess the situation. He was the team leader of the engineering crew that designed and assembled the platform, and he had just gotten word that one of his crew had suffered a minor accident. Suddenly, the floor disappeared beneath his feet and he started freefalling. In that split second, he realized that he needed to catch on to something (anything!) to prevent himself from plunging down to the water below. It was a sure death fall. Continue reading Engineered for Success



While self-ligating brackets have proven efficacious in treating a wide variety of malocclusions, they are especially proficient in treating crowding. Active self-ligation has been widely proven to provide better control throughout treatment, and the In-Ovation line of products is undoubtedly the best. In this review, you will notice how effectively and efficiently In-Ovation C brackets performed. Continue reading CLINICAL CASE REVIEW

Thumbs Up Orthodontist’s Role in Curing the First Addiction

Most practices don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the role addiction can play in shaping their daily activities. After all, orthodontics is about correcting small physiological imperfections preprogrammed by the body’s genetic code. But orthodontists are on the frontline of one of the most common human addictions. What’s more, it’s a good bet that you too were afflicted by this addiction. Non-nutritive sucking, better known as thumb sucking, isn’t just a habit. It’s considered by many psychologists to be human’s first true addiction. Continue reading Thumbs Up Orthodontist’s Role in Curing the First Addiction