Orthodontics and Esthetics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Authors:  Julia Garcia Baeza, DMD, and David Garcia Baeza, DMD

These days, we are seeing a growing number of adult orthodontic patients. However, adult cases present unique challenges to the orthodontist. Missing teeth, root canals and periodontal problems are all common situations when dealing with adult patients. Continue reading Orthodontics and Esthetics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Flatware and the Crooked Smile

Is the Overbite Part of Natural Evolution, or Are We Forking Over Too Much in the Name of Convenience?

PrintMuch of the work in modern orthodontics is dedicated to re-creating an ideal, naturally occurring overbite in patients. But here’s a question worth chewing on—is that overbite really so natural? Or was the modern human overbite, so prevalent around the world, really caused by the fork and knife? Could table manners really bring about a change in anatomy? According to the famed anthropologist C. Loring Brace IV, the answer is yes. Continue reading Flatware and the Crooked Smile

Building the Smile Puzzle: One beautiful piece at a time

Author – Shalin Raj Shah, DMD, MS


A smile can say so much about a person’s unspoken thoughts: joy, happiness, pride, love, amusement, interest, care, and kindness to name a few.  The composition of that smile can also reveal so much about the individual: confidence, meticulousness, compassionate, successful, empathetic. It is why we as architects of that lifelong smile have a great responsibility to ensure that our planning, treatment, and end results reflect what so many people share with the world.  Everyone’s smile should reflect their greatness and beauty and be built upon a sound infrastructure.  Today, we continue on with the #TheMelinaProject and discuss the finer elements that go into the beginnings of diagnosing space requirements, and we provide an introductory look into diagnosing Melina’s other two planes of space: sagittal and vertical. Continue reading Building the Smile Puzzle: One beautiful piece at a time