OWC411 – Looking Forward to Next Time – Issue No. 3



While the 2015 Orthodontic World Congress has come to an end, the opportunity to turn ideas into action is just beginning. The question is, what thoughts, suggestions and/or ideas are you most excited to implement?

Maybe you’re feeling inspired by some of the practice-actualization ideas offered by our outstanding keynote speakers. Perhaps you’re reconsidering how you engage and motivate your staff, or you’re rethinking the role of technology in your practice. Possibly you’re re-examining your bracket placement assumptions. Or maybe it’s something you gleaned from one of your colleagues or an eye-opening observation from one of the breakaway sessions. With all the great information and ideas we shared, the possibilities are unlimited.

Regardless of whatever combination of clinical, financial and social enrichment you’ve experienced, we can’t call it complete without thanking you for your attendance, your enthusiasm and most of all, your camaraderie. Great people make great orthodontists, and we are absolutely certain we just spent the past few days with the best orthodontists in the world.


You need not be an animal lover to have been wowed by the experience we shared at the San Diego Zoo. From the one-hump camel to the two-hump camel it was a night filled with discovery and celebration.

While the skill of moving teeth was on display, everybody in attendance witnessed a demonstration of moving feet that left us in awe. Thanks Dr. Shah, Eric and Kevin for the throw-down dance challenge!


Everyone has the ability to craft a compelling reason for patients to choose them. Lingual is undercover and underrated. Marketing and practice differentiation is more important than ever. We all have things we fear, but we also have the ability to overcome those fears. Delivering an outstanding clinical outcome is but one element in a successful case. Your staff looks to you for leadership, so you better be leading. GAC is about more than business…but they still mean business.

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2 thoughts on “OWC411 – Looking Forward to Next Time – Issue No. 3”

  1. What an amazing event! From the learning to the comaraderie to the memories – Dentsply GAC provided it all at a superstar level!! It is even more meaningful to see a group of people, an organization, that took it upon themselves to further the profession with meaning, purpose, and excellence despite having to overcome the most challenging series of hurdles. That’s true grit, empathy, and hustle realized. Thank you Dentsply GAC family for making our family a part of your special and wonderful family.

    1. Dr. Shah we truly appreciate your kind words! Our hope was to provide an overall amazing OWC experience offering a wealth of business insights and orthodontic knowledge and we are overwhelmed by the positive outcomes of this event. Looking forward to next time. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

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