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Looking to the Future of Orthodontics

While our day-one speakers focused on the ‘soft side’ of the business, the wisdom, insight and advice was anything but soft. I’m sure more than a few of us are carrying around scraps of paper filled with ideas about finding our inner-remarkability (Berger), identifying new and unique ways to interact with our clientele (Burris), brainstorming ways to delight our customers, (Curtin) overcoming the things we fear to take it to the next level (Acuff) and integrating technology into the modern practice (Shuman). Well done, gentlemen.

While we’re on the topic of insight, one thing that’s become abundantly clear is that Brad Clatt, Bret Wise and Steve Jenson and the team from DENTSPLY GAC aren’t just involved in orthodontics, they’re committed. (The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs—the chicken is involved; the pig is committed.) When faced with adversity, DENTSPLY didn’t take the easy way out. They doubled down on the promise of innovation and the power of determination. They bet it all on themselves.

Looking at it through the lens of yesterday’s speakers—GAC found their inner-remarkability, they created a new way to interact with their clientele, they ignored the fear and naysayers, embraced the latest technology and they came up with new ways to delight their customers (all of us). Yesterday’s video presentation (which we had exclusive access to) was the culmination of all of their efforts and hard work. I don’t think it’s any great insight to say that with GAC on our side, orthodontics, and the orthodontic community, is in good hands moving forward.


Looks Important

Shuttles will depart for the Zoofari Event between 3:30 and 4:00.


Don’t Look Now

Chicago high and low temperatures—6F/-1F.




Friday is all about optimizing your clinical expertise. First on the agenda is the ‘Lingual Breakfast’ starting at 7 AM. After some brief remarks from the DENTSPLY Team, we delve full-bore into the CCO approach, starting with Dr. Antonino Secchi. After a short break, Dr’s Raffaele Spena and Ryan Tamburrino will offer their clinical insight before we break for lunch. Dr’s Julia Garcia-Baeza, Rebecca Bockow and Martin Palomo will then round out the afternoon with their CCO ideas.

Running concurrent to the clinical sessions will be the ‘breakaway’ business-insight staff workshops. First up will be Dr. Ben Burris, revealing how he turned a small practice in Arkansas into one of the largest in North America. We’ll also get to hear first-hand from select members of Dr. Burris’ team about the finer-points of practice management. Amy Morgan will bring the afternoon home with a talk on defining and achieving true success.

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