The Practice Pulse Program TM & System “R”

The Practice Pulse Program™ & System “R”
By Dr. Glen Cowan

I have always considered myself to be a conservative orthodontist who strives to provide quality care for my patients.  No one would accuse me of being on the cutting edge as I prefer to use proven, mature technology.  With this background I was very cautious about trying self-ligating brackets.  After much research and consultation I began by starting 20 cases with the GAC In-Ovation®  R brackets.  My initial experience was very positive with the brackets being easy to place, convenient to activate, durable, and non-irritating to the patient.  In addition the desired dental movements seemed very smooth and the adjustment visits less time consuming.  My clinical impression was further bolstered when a well respected colleague sent me information on 60 traditional and 60 In-Ovation R cases (consecutive debands).  His data indicated the In-Ovation R cases finished on average with 2 less adjustment visits.  Based on continued clinical use he now uses 8 week patient intervals and is considering reducing the chair time for each patient by 10 minutes. Continue reading The Practice Pulse Program TM & System “R”

OWC411 – Looking Forward to Next Time – Issue No. 3



While the 2015 Orthodontic World Congress has come to an end, the opportunity to turn ideas into action is just beginning. The question is, what thoughts, suggestions and/or ideas are you most excited to implement?

Maybe you’re feeling inspired by some of the practice-actualization ideas offered by our outstanding keynote speakers. Perhaps you’re reconsidering how you engage and motivate your staff, or you’re rethinking the role of technology in your practice. Possibly you’re re-examining your bracket placement assumptions. Or maybe it’s something you gleaned from one of your colleagues or an eye-opening observation from one of the breakaway sessions. With all the great information and ideas we shared, the possibilities are unlimited. Continue reading OWC411 – Looking Forward to Next Time – Issue No. 3

OWC411 – What’s Happening Day 2

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Looking to the Future of Orthodontics

While our day-one speakers focused on the ‘soft side’ of the business, the wisdom, insight and advice was anything but soft. I’m sure more than a few of us are carrying around scraps of paper filled with ideas about finding our inner-remarkability (Berger), identifying new and unique ways to interact with our clientele (Burris), brainstorming ways to delight our customers, (Curtin) overcoming the things we fear to take it to the next level (Acuff) and integrating technology into the modern practice (Shuman). Well done, gentlemen. Continue reading OWC411 – What’s Happening Day 2

OWC411 – Taking a Look Around

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You’ve Got the Look

Hello and welcome to sunny San Diego and the 2015 OWC! Looking at the record low temperatures battering the rest of the country, we couldn’t be more pleased with the location and timing of our event! Everyone needs to decompress, and day one was reserved for getting comfortable. It all started with check-in and a poolside welcome reception that included fabulous food, great entertainment and lots of friendly faces. If the opening night was any indication, it’s going to be a great conference. You can stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings at #GAC2015OWC. Continue reading OWC411 – Taking a Look Around