The Melina Project – Moving and Grooving! By Shalin Raj Shah, DMD, MS


On the brisk morning of November 8th, the Center for Orthodontic Excellence (COE) had 106.1 BLI pumping, Melina kind of grooving, and the COE team jamming.  It was exciting to see Melina’s progress and the expression of her initial leveling/aligning arch wires.  We were ready to continue developing the smile Melina would love!

In June (2014), Melina received upper and lower 0.014” Sentalloy® wires that worked for eight weeks.  Thereafter, they were replaced in August (2014) with 0.018” Sentalloy® wires for an additional ten weeks.  With carefully placed stops on the arch wires and proper bracket position, the upper and lower arches began to develop as expected and desired.  Furthermore, Melina’s post-expansion diastema naturally closed via transeptal fiber forces and changes in teeth inclinations.  Melina was ready for the bonding of the last four teeth (upper and lower second molars) in her mouth.MP 2014 11-18 rb jpg

Melina was a rockstar through the challenging, but very necessary process of bonding her second molars.  After some rinsing, mouth stretching, and jokes from dad, Melina was ready for her next set of arch wires: upper and lower 0.020” x 0.020” BioForce®.  It was time to introduce some torque to her teeth and dance moves.  The BioForce® wires will continue to level and align as well as impart initial torque on her teeth during the next ten weeks.  Our team is making use of the BioForce® properties of super elasticity, body heat activation, and differential forces in the anterior (front teeth) and posterior (back teeth) as we move from our level/aligning to working stage.

Our team looks forward to seeing Melina and all her wonderful new changes in early 2015.  We also have a nice post-holiday and New Year’s surprise for Melina when she returns.  Join us in ringing in the New Year with some exciting results.  We wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season and New Year’s!

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