Expansion – Did You Get It?! By Shalin Raj Shah, DMD MS

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Thanks for following along with us through Melina’s orthodontic journey! Dr. Shalin Raj Shah gives an insight on her progress thus far…

Melina was wonderful through the TAD-supported expander insertion process.  Her parent support and participation in her care was equally as commendable.  They worked in concert with Melina to achieve an amazing result!

5 TransverseIn our initial discussion of the transverse diagnosis http://www.dsorthodontics.com/?p=519, we revealed that Melina required approximately 7.62mm of skeletal expansion.  After a carefully implemented expansion protocol and appliance design, Melina achieved the ideal skeletal transverse correction, which is remarkable for her age.

MP Exp FinishAbove, you will see Melina’s post-radiographic images measuring her sutural change.  The expansion ranges from approximately 6.60 to 7.45mm.  Furthermore, we measured the transverse width of the maxilla to determine if the sutural change desired occurred inferiorly to the level of the dentition.  Her initial maxilla measured approximately 54.05mm and the final maxilla measured approximately 61.74mm.  The mandible, which remained unchanged at the skeletal level, measured approximately 56.67mm.  With a given mandibular measurement of 56.67mm, the ideal maxilla should be approximately 61.67mm (56.67mm + 5mm).  The desired ideal maxillary transverse measurement of 61.67mm compares quite nicely with the achieved 61.74mm.

Now that’s one type of expansion, we all like at Team COE!  We still do love our donuts though 😉

shahDr. Shalin Raj Shah

Shalin Raj Shah, DMD MS received his Certificate of Orthodontics and Masters of Science in Oral Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.  He is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences and School of Dental Medicine.  Currently, Shalin is Clinical Associate of Orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania and is in private practice (Center for Orthodontic Excellence) in Princeton Junction, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

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