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In an outcome driven profession such as orthodontics, the result at the end of the case is the ultimate arbitrator when it comes to determining success. At the end of the inaugural CCO Summit of Orthodontics in Philadelphia, both organizers and attendees agreed that the event was an overwhelming success. Unlike the result at the end of the case, this success isn’t an end, but a beginning of what could be something big. The single day meeting drew over 170 attendees.“Our goal was to create a program that could stand alongside the AAO as far as content,” said Todd Metts, Director of Professional Services for DENTSPLY GAC. “We wanted to provide the audience with strong educational and clinical knowledge that they could take back to their practices and start using on the Monday following the program.”

The CCO speaker list read like an international who’s who of the next generation of orthodontic leaders. This includes Dr. Celestino Nobrega, Dr. Julia Garcia-Baeza, Dr. Ryan Tamburrino, Dr. Jerry Clark, Dr. Raffaele Spena and of course, Dr. Antonino Secchi, who is considered the intellectual soul of the CCO and its most visible member.

Complete Clinical Orthodontics3“One of the things we’re most excited about is that a lot of the attendees were new to the CCO approach,” said Dr. Secchi. “That tells us not only is there a need, but that clinicians are eager for a comprehensive philosophy like the CCO. We’ve seen a strong influx of clinicians adopting the CCO approach.”

Diversity was the order of the day, as the Summit covered a wide variety of topics. The subject matter included mechanics, esthetics, the transverse dimension, surgical cases and torque expression. One of the best received presentations came from Dr. Julia Garcia-Baeza. Her presentation ‘Orthodontics and Esthetics: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Concept shows doctors how a multidisciplinary approach can deliver dramatic results for the patients.

The Complete Clinical Orthodontics philosophy draws from the existing and emerging schools of thought, bringing them together under a single unified approach. Unlike most philosophies, the CCO approach evolves in unison with the technology. As the brackets and the wire continue to improve, the scope of what is possible is also evolving. The CCO looks at all the philosophies through the lens of today’s technologies to enhance clinical outcomes and streamline procedures.

Like other CCO events, the meeting had an international flavor, with clinicians from all over. Canadian Richard Fernandes was glad to have made the trek from his home in Ontario.

Complete Clinical Orthodontics4“Great event. The meeting not only gave a broad overview of many of the exciting innovations happening at GAC, but it also featured a number of engaging speakers who provided interesting tips and clinical perspectives on how to achieve a better end result for my patients. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Complete Clinical Orthodontics6While the Summit events are the most visible portions of the CCO, one of the most exciting aspects is taking place behind the scenes. The CCO leadership is in the process of meeting with leaders from some of the top universities around the country. They are discussing how the CCO can help develop new education tools while determining what role long-distance learning is going to play.

Like the CCO approach to orthodontics, the events are also evolving to adopt a best practices approach. One change attendees will notice is that subsequent meetings will be a little bit longer, giving attendees increased access to the presenters, both during and after the event.

Complete Clinical Orthodontics7“You sometimes learn as much in the hallway as you do in the presentations when you get to talk with your colleagues about what you’ve learned.

“CCO leadership is in the process of meeting with leaders from some of the top universities around the country…”

Complete Clinical Orthodontics8We made a first great step in not just growing the CCO, but developing a community,” added Metts. Building a community includes developing camaraderie among the participating clinicians. To this end, the post-meeting reception in Philadelphia found an eager group of attendees. The “Casino Night” themed party drew close to 500 attendees.

Complete Clinical Orthodontics5The social event was held in the prestigious Ben Franklin Institute and included lite fare, games of chance and plenty of dancing.

Nothing generates success quite like success, and the CCO has quickly achieved a significant amount of momentum. The group held another meeting in July in Mexico that was attended by over 500 doctors. The next CCO Summit event will take place in February 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The next domestic Summit will take place in San Diego in 2015.

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Anyone who is curious about the CCO approach to orthodontics can find Dr. Secchi’s course “The CCO System™ Review of Treatment Mechanics” on You’ll need to be a member of the MyGCARE page, but registration is free. Once you become a member, you’ll find a number of courses from the CCO team.

This article published in 2013 OrthoWorld.

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