Social Matters—Putting Your Best Face Forward

Facebook is a tremendous communication platform that offers instantaneous and unprecedented access to a potential customer base. It’s a place to share ideas, have conversations and build connections. Unlike traditional marketing communication channels, Facebook (and social media in general) will be much more successful if you’re having conversations rather than pushing products or agenda. Try and make sure your readers get something out of your posts, whether it’s information or just a smile at the end of the day. Facebook is a permission-based platform and we should think of ourselves as invited guests in our readers daily media stream. Continue reading Social Matters—Putting Your Best Face Forward

Social Matters—Tweet Cred

Twitter’s 140 character limit presents some unique communication challenges. While brevity is the rule of thumb for Twitter, it’s not an excuse to abandon or ignore basic rules of communication or branding. But we can treat the rules of grammar like an archwire and bend them as needed to reach our goals. Continue reading Social Matters—Tweet Cred

Social Matters—Image Abounds

While Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla in the social space, it’s lost some of its luster as millennials have moved on looking for the next big thing. Fear not intrepid reader as much of that lost luster can be found in two places: Instagram and Pinterest. In fact because these two platforms are so visually oriented, in many ways they are the ideal platforms for orthodontic and dental practices. Let’s take a look at Instagram this week. Continue reading Social Matters—Image Abounds

Social Matters— Interest in Pinterest

In many ways, Pinterest is the yin to Instagram’s yang. Instagram is where users get to post and share their images, Pinterest is where they go to share in what others have posted. It’s a virtual pin-up board, where users “pin” and post ideas, images and anything else that strikes their fancy. While your Instagram feed lets the world look inward at your practice, your Pinterest feed is all about your practice looking outward. You’re crafting an aspirational brand by what you pin. Continue reading Social Matters— Interest in Pinterest

Think Inside Your Office

Create Lab Quality Night Guards and More
In-Office Appliance Fabrication is the easy and affordable way to expand your services. Enhance practice profitability and turn-around time by creating quality, removable appliances using the German-engineered Drufomat Scan pressure machine.

Do More. Save More.
Fabricate an Array of Appliances In-Office with the Drufomat Scan
• Clear Retainers
• Sports Mouthguards
• TMJ Splints
• Temporaries for Crown and Bridge
• Make Denture Repairs
• and More Continue reading Think Inside Your Office

Mix with Confidence

hurrimix™ Automatic Mixer for Alginate and Stone

The hurrimix™ increases office efficiencies by standardizing the mixing process to deliver a top quality mix every time.

The Ultimate in Style Software with 20 Mixing Programs

The hurrimix™ is programmable with 10 options for alginates and 10 programs for stones. Users can modify any programs at any time. You can set programs for specific alginate and stone products resulting in a fast, reliable mixing process, with no time wasted on manually programming the mixer, and guaranteed correct mixing times. Continue reading Mix with Confidence

In-Ovation® X by GAC – Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities.

Designed by You

When you make the most successful self-ligating bracket, GAC has set the bar pretty high. But that’s the challenge of innovation. Taking the best in class and taking it to the next level.

We spoke to orthodontic professionals across eight countries in three continents. It was a thought-provoking process that revealed more than 100 individual items that were important to the clinicians we spoke with. After the information was collected and collated, we analyzed our findings point by point. This enabled us to hone in on the design elements that the orthodontic community thought were most important. Ultimately, 3 key ideas were identified. Continue reading In-Ovation® X by GAC – Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities.

2017 University Research Award


Research is the lifeblood of innovation. That’s why following the merger of DENTSPLY with SIRONA, GAC will continue to support the GCARE Research Award under the new initiative, the Dentsply Sirona Orthodontic Research Award. This annual award is designed to promote and recognize excellence in clinical or translational research with residents.

Through an anonymous judging panel, three winners each receive a cash reward, along with an unrestricted education grant for their program’s orthodontic department. All winning recipients will be recognized in person at next year’s 2017 DENTSPLY Sirona World, September 14-16 at the Venetian & Palazzo Hotels in Las Vegas, NV. For more details or to nominate a project, visit

Prize Structure:

1st Place
$4,000 Grant
$1,000 Cash for Resident

2nd Place
$2,000 Grant
$750 Cash for Resident

3rd Place
$1,000 Grant
$500 Cash for Resident

We would like to congratulate our winners and thank all of the 17 schools that applied to our 2016 GCARE Research Award. The winning projects below were displayed in the exhibition area. The winners were also awarded during our Clinical Day of mainstage presentations. Congratulations again to the participants and their accomplishments.

Click to Enlarge

Participating Universities:
Case Western Reserve University
Ohio State University
Roseman University of Health Sciences
Seton Hill University
St. Barnabas Hospital
Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry
University of Alberta
University of California San Francisco
University of Colorado
University Of Detroit Mercy
University of Florida College of Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Kentucky
University of Manitoba
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Texas School of Dentistry
Virginia Commonwealth University

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OmniArch® PLUS


The Future of Orthodontics is Here

The OmniArch PLUS is the first complete prescription to be produced in Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sarasota FL. The brackets are metal injection molded, a manufacturing process that allows for incredibly intricate design elements to be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy. This means that all of the design elements and bracket programming are engineered to be as close to perfect as possible. Continue reading OmniArch® PLUS