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Ovation® S by GAC

Introducing Ovation® S
They Appear to Disappear

Give your patients the esthetics they want with the new Ovation S polysapphire bracket. O­ffering a virtually invisible esthetic experience that rivals clear aligners, the unique molecular structure of the bracket lets the natural color of the tooth shine through. The state-of-the-art surface minimizes reflections while offering a powerful barrier against stains. Continue reading Ovation® S by GAC

MicroArch® PLUS: Addition Through Innovation

Insight PLUS Innovation

When we envisioned the new MicroArch® PLUS line, we realized we were seeking a level of manufacturing precision that simply wasn’t available. Rather than compromise our creative vision, we decided to invest in our own facility. Five years and seventy million dollars later, we can say with confidence that this was the right decision. Not only can we make the bracket we’ve always wanted to make, but we can also manufacture it at a level that no other mini-twin can match. MicroArch PLUS gives you the workability you want, the control you need and the esthetics your patients demand. Continue reading MicroArch® PLUS: Addition Through Innovation

In-Ovation® X: A Story of Design, Development and Ingenuity

In-Ovation® X
A Story of Design, Development and Ingenuity
White Paper by Dr. Jerry Clark, DDS, MS
Greensboro, NC


Since the introduction of the In-Ovation R bracket over a decade ago, other manufacturers have been unsuccessful in their attempts to improve on its form, fit, and functionality until now.

Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics, the leader in orthodontic brackets, has taken a quantum leap forward with the new In-Ovation X bracket system. The project started with GAC assembling a group of noted orthodontists throughout the world to meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, their task was to define clinical design inputs for the “ultimate orthodontic bracket”. The result was the In-Ovation X orthodontic bracket system. Continue reading In-Ovation® X: A Story of Design, Development and Ingenuity

In-Ovation® X: Self-Ligating Metal Bracket Design Features and Advantages

In-Ovation® X Self-Ligating Metal Bracket Design Features and Advantages

White Paper by Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics Research & Development Team

To highlight the advantages of In-Ovation X in comparison to other self-ligating brackets in terms of:
1) Calculus interference
2) Clip Retention
3) Reduced Overall Bracket profile

Metal self-ligating brackets have become progressively favorable in orthodontic treatment due to their efficiency in treatment and advantages realized by both the clinician and patient. Various aspects of self-ligating brackets have been studied in order to evaluate their function and properties. Continue reading In-Ovation® X: Self-Ligating Metal Bracket Design Features and Advantages

Mix with Confidence

hurrimix™ Automatic Mixer for Alginate and Stone

The hurrimix™ increases office efficiencies by standardizing the mixing process to deliver a top quality mix every time.

The Ultimate in Style Software with 20 Mixing Programs

The hurrimix™ is programmable with 10 options for alginates and 10 programs for stones. Users can modify any programs at any time. You can set programs for specific alginate and stone products resulting in a fast, reliable mixing process, with no time wasted on manually programming the mixer, and guaranteed correct mixing times. Continue reading Mix with Confidence

In-Ovation® X by GAC – Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities.

Designed by You

When you make the most successful self-ligating bracket, GAC has set the bar pretty high. But that’s the challenge of innovation. Taking the best in class and taking it to the next level.

We spoke to orthodontic professionals across eight countries in three continents. It was a thought-provoking process that revealed more than 100 individual items that were important to the clinicians we spoke with. After the information was collected and collated, we analyzed our findings point by point. This enabled us to hone in on the design elements that the orthodontic community thought were most important. Ultimately, 3 key ideas were identified. Continue reading In-Ovation® X by GAC – Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities.